About us

For the Construction and Farming industry who need Building Materials & Hardware as well as Farming Supplies, Eezzebuild is a retailer of Building Materials and Farming related products that has a nationwide representation, door to door delivery and most competitive pricing. Unlike other competitors who do not have a nationwide footprint or do not offer our product.

Customer Services Provided

EezzeBuild takes pride in being with their customers from start of their projects, be it refurbishment or a complete large-scale project, till completion. Below are some of the key services provided to ensure our customers are satisfied:

Bill of Quantities

EezzeBuild provides access to a wide range of skilled staff, for example quantity surveyors at key branches who provide what materials (Bill of Quantities) are required at different stages of construction.

Site Visits

EezzeBuild goes that extra mile in order to facilitate site visits for key customers. This has been proven to be highly successful for first time buyers, or individuals building in a particular geography but residing in different towns or cities.


Furthermore, customers are offered the ability to have “Debit Accounts” (click on link for further details) to facilitate their construction needs to flow and complete on time. This also has been useful to maintain budgets and obtaining the best “cash price” deals.


At present EezzeBuild has 7 stores in Botswana, and 1 in South Africa, as well as a distribution centre to provide a buffer in terms of stock supply to its branches. All stores are in prime locations.

Product Offering/Brands

We provide a solution for our target market from foundation to roof level products, in the construction industry, and for our farmers various agribusiness related products. Branded products to ensure quality standards are also offered, however in certain departments alternative quality products are available to suit the budgets of our customers.

Nationwide Delivery

We have the ability to meet demand and supply materials with our infrastructure and provide a door to door delivery service for our customers. There are a wide range of vehicles, from 37 ton trucks to small vehicles to provide efficient delivery to all sites.

Price Sensitivity

Economies of scale enable EezzeBuild to procure products at competitive rates to compete in the market and provide end consumers value for money solutions.